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Knowing the weather is crucial information that helps you plan ahead. But finding the best indoor-outdoor thermometers that you can rely on is easier said than done since so many fail to live up to expectations. Or worse yet, they break easily and have problems giving accurate readings.To help you f



What’s The Best Floating Swimming Pool Thermometer



How does maintain bimetal thermometer?

The advantage of bimetal thermometer lies in the field display temperature, intuitive and convenient, safe and reliable, long service life, with a variety of structural forms, varieties complete, can meet different requirements.So how should bimetallic thermometer pay attention to maintenance in th



barbecue thermometer can help make your cooking safer

Sometimes it is difficult to find out whether the meat is properly cooked on the grill, especially if it is a large joint meat or chicken or turkey and other large birds. Its tender meat will disappoint your grilling guests, and undercooked meat can be a health risk. It’s not uncommon for illnesses



Structural Features and Working Principle of Bimetal Thermometer

The bimetal thermometer uses a hot bimetallic piece wound into a threaded shape as a temperature sensing element, and it is installed in a protective sleeve, one end is fixed (fixed end), and the other end (free end) is connected to a thin shaft. The shaft end is equipped with a pointer. When the te



What is a bimetal thermometer

Bimetal thermometer is a kind of on-site detection instrument suitable for measuring medium and low temperature, which can be used to directly measure the temperature of gas, liquid and steam. The thermometer has the characteristics of waterproof, anti-corrosion, vibration resistance, intuitive, eas

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