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How does maintain bimetal thermometer?

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 The advantage of bimetal thermometer lies in the field display temperature, intuitive and convenient, safe and reliable, long service life, with a variety of structural forms, varieties complete, can meet different requirements.

So how should bimetallic thermometer pay attention to maintenance in the process of use, maintenance?

1, the bimetal thermometer in the storage, installation, use and transportation process, should avoid collision protection tube, do not make the protection tube bending, deformation.

Do not twist the instrument shell when installing.

2. It shall work normally in the ambient temperature of -30℃ ~ 80℃.

3. The operating temperature is good enough to be between 1/2 and 3/4 of the scale.

4. The immersion length of the bimetal thermometer protective tube in the measured medium must be greater than the length of the temperature sensing element. Generally, the immersion length is greater than 100mm, and the immersion length of 0-50℃ range is greater than 150mm, so as to ensure the accuracy of measurement.

5, all kinds of bimetal thermometers should not be used to measure the temperature of the medium in the open container, charged contact thermometers should not be used in the control loop in the situation of large vibration.

6, the bimetal thermometer in storage, use installation and transportation, should avoid collision protection tube, do not make the protection tube bending variant and use the table as a wrench.

7. The thermometer should be checked periodically under normal use.

Generally every six months is advisable.

Electric contact thermometers are not allowed to work under strong vibration, so as not to affect the reliability of contact.

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