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Structural Features and Working Principle of Bimetal Thermometer

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The bimetal thermometer uses a hot bimetallic piece wound into a threaded shape as a temperature sensing element, and it is installed in a protective sleeve, one end is fixed (fixed end), and the other end (free end) is connected to a thin shaft. The shaft end is equipped with a pointer. When the temperature changes, the free end of the temperature sensing element immediately rotates, so that the thin shaft drives the pointer to produce angular displacement, which indicates the temperature change on the dial; the straight watch drives the pointer through the steering transmission mechanism. Since the temperature sensing element has a linear relationship with the temperature change, the position indicated by the pointer of the bimetal thermometer is the measured temperature value. Case materials include steel plates, cast alloys, and stainless steel plates; the detection element also has a core-pulling structure; the head part of the adjustable angle thermometer can be changed from angle to straight or from straight with the help of bellows, corner mechanism and other parts. Any angle change from type to angle type.


The electrical contact bimetal thermometer adds electrical contact groups, adjusting devices and outlet boxes to the structure. When the temperature changes, at the moment of contact or disconnection with the preset temperature control fixed contacts (upper and lower limit), the relay or contactor in the control circuit is activated, and the bimetallic thermometer can realize automatic temperature control or alarm. Function.

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