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What’s The Best Floating Swimming Pool Thermometer

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Keeping your digital swimming pool thermometer  at the right temperature is crucial to make sure it stays comfortable, and more importantly, safe for your family and friends. Pool thermometers can help you keep a pulse on that temperature all the time.


Why  need a digital swimming pool thermometer 

Pool temperature may not seem all that important, but there are definitely some valid reasons why it should be.


Depending on who is using your swimming pool and why, there could be even more reason to regulate the temperature than you think.


what's the appropriate temperature?

Essentially, this depends on the age of the people using the swimming pool water thermometer and the purpose for which it’s being used.


For example, small children and older people probably need the water to be a little warmer, while swimmers training for competition or exercising might prefer it a little cooler to keep from overheating.


Types to choose from

So, what’s a pool-owner to do?


Well, invest in a pool thermometer of course!


It's a cheap and easy way to help keep your pool chemistry levels regulated while maintaining comfortable swimming conditions for your family. 


There are two types to choose from: digital and analog. So, which is better? You decide…



Digital models are the most popular types of thermometers because of their technology.


They display temperature either on a separate display console or with some models, even a smartphone app.


Pros: accurate, technologically advanced

Cons: cost a little more than analog


Analog models are just the basic types of thermometers your mom used to keep in her medicine cabinet that use mercury to show the temp.


Pros: cheap, easy to use, last longer than digital

Cons: mercury can be damaged by direct sunlight

Floating and hanging types can be either analog or digital, but handheld thermometers are always digital. So, what’s the difference? Let’s see…



Floating models float on the pool surface and measure the water temperature with sensors inside of the unit.


They can be slightly less accurate than other types because they are not completely submerged underneath the surface and will pick up part of its reading from the air surrounding it.



Hanging models are usually attached to the side of the pool or the ladder and are submerged a few inches under the surface of the water.


These can be digital or analog and usually give a fairly accurate reading as the temperature is taken from sensors completely submerged under the surface.



Handheld models are usually held in your hand like a gun and an infrared laser is directed at the water to give a temperature reading.


These are considered pretty accurate as well.

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