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Monitoring temperature with a leave-in probe digital barbecue thermometer  is the only way to know exactly what’s going on inside a beef brisket, smoked turkey, baby back ribs, or pulled pork butt as they come up to temp “low and slow” in a smoker. Pro barbecue teams wouldn’t dream of going to a competition without one. Dual-channel thermometers with high and low alarms allow you to track your food’s internal temperature as well as the ambient temperature in your smoker or grill. Instant-read digital thermometers are perfect for spot-checking steaks and chops when grilling over high heat.

【300FT Remote Range & Hassle-Free Setup】Wireless meat thermometer monitors your food and grill temp up to 300 feet away giving you the freedom to tend to more important matters while cooking unlike with bluetooth meat thermometers which limited range of only 100FT; BBQ thermometer is pre-synchronized, simply insert batteries and the smoker thermometer is ready for use!

【Dual Probes for Food and BBQ】Meat thermometer oven safe with highly accurate stainless steel food probe and oven/ grill/ smoker temperature probe, to allow you to monitor both food and ambient temperature simultaneously, making the turkey thermometer especially suitable for long smokes or grilling sessions

【Food & Ambient Temp Alarm】Set your desired food temp & HI/LOW temp range for your grill or smoker to know when to add more fuel! Smoker thermometer will flash and beep to remind you if the temperature ever goes out your set range; HI/LOW temp range alarm is specifically designed for usage with smokers, grills and BBQ

【Convenient Kitchen Timer】Grill thermometer features countdown & count up timer can be active while also monitoring meat temperature; No need to waste money on purchasing an additional cooking timer to keep track of your side dishes, our kitchen thermometer takes care of everything!

A household thermo-hygrometer is a device that collects data related to the weather and environment using many different sensors. Weather stations are also called weather centers, personal weather stations, professional weather stations, home weather station, weather forecaster and forecasters.

Weather stations sensors may include a thermometer to take temperature readings, a barometer to measure the pressure in the atmosphere, as well as other sensors to measure rain, wind, humidity and more. Weather stations range from simple analog technology to digital technology [pictured below]. Some even connect to your computer or the internet, so the data collected can be analyzed using weather station software.

 Swimming Thermometer Types:

They’re relatively simple tools, but pool thermometers have more features than you may be aware of. They fall into one or more of four basic categories: mercury, digital, floating, and handheld.

A thermometer can be either digital or mercury, and be of the floating variety, but handheld thermometers will, of course, always be digital.

Mercury-filled floating thermometers can be damaged by severe weather and overzealous swimmers. If they break, you could have a real mess on your hands, including mercury in the water. Not to mention, broken glass could rip your liner, or worse, hurt a swimmer.

For these reasons, we highly recommend using a plastic, digital, or handheld pool thermometer.

All the top-rated devices share common traits that make them superior to the rest. Here are some of the common aspects that the digital weather thermometer have:

High Precision Design: They give you the information you need through a compact and lightweight design

Easy Use: The best devices are constructed with an easy user interface for user convenience. They also come with easy to install features.

Affordable: Most of the top-rated indoor outdoor thermometers are made of high-quality materials.  Reliability and durability are distinguishing factors in top-rated thermometers.

Multi-function: Indoor outdoor thermometers are usually designed to provide indoor and outdoor temperature data. However, many devices come with other sensors and functions for measuring weather conditions.

Advanced Features: The best devices come with advanced features like digital design, PC connectivity, color displays, multi-sensors and much more.

Thermometer Min Max  range which are in both digital and analogue styles. Max min thermometers are often used by gardeners and are an ideal instrument for use in the greenhouse, in the garden or allotment to monitor minimum temperature levels during the colder months when frost can be a huge problem and also to keep an eye on the maximum temperature during the warmer months. All of the max min thermometers on this page show the current temperature and also the maximum and the minimum temperatures simultaneously until reset is enabled. Dont forget to browse our complete garden thermometer range to help with monitoring garden and greenhouse temperatures

Max/Min Registering Thermometers show maximum and minimum temperatures in °F and °C since last reset, as well as current temperature. The reset button makes it easy to start a new temperature measurement.


Simultaneous display of maximum, minimum and current temperature

Convenient reset button makes it simple to begin a new measurement

Included Items:

Max/Min Thermometer (Spirit-Filled, Mercury-Filled or Mercury-Free)

Protective plastic case for spirit-filled U-shaped capillary instrument

Instant-Read Thermometer:

The instant-read thermometer is a Digital Folding Thermometer, available in both analog and digital styles, that allows a cook to take instant temperature readings of a food. They're great for testing the doneness of a piece of meat or poultry while it cooks, but they're not meant to be left in during cooking. You simply insert the probe into the food, check the temperature, and then remove it.

Instant-read thermometers also can be used to measure the temperature of hot food in a steam tray or chafing dish, as well as cold items in a salad bar, and to measure how quickly a soup or sauce is cooling (to ensure that it does not spend excessive time in the temperature danger zone).

Oven Thermometer:

Oven dials are not a reliable measure of the real temperature inside your oven. When you set your oven to 350 F or 400 F, it could be anywhere from 25 to 50 degrees higher or lower than that. Even worse, your oven might have hot spots or cool spots—regions where the temperature is consistently higher or lower than other parts of the oven interior —which can affect baking times.

To find out, get yourself an oven thermometer, which you can place on the shelf (or hang by a hook from one of the oven racks). When you set your oven to 350 F, the thermometer will tell you whether it's actually at that temperature or not. Some amount of fluctuation is normal but if you find that your oven consistently reads 25 degrees hotter than what you set it to, you can adjust the temperature accordingly. No more blackened cookies!

Refrigerator Thermometer:

A miscalibrated refrigerator can really cause problems. If your fridge doesn't get cold enough, pathogenic bacteria can grow. The temperature inside your refrigerator should be between 33 F and 40 F. But to make sure, get a refrigerator thermometer. It works the same way as the oven thermometer: stick it in the fridge and it'll display the temperature of the inside of your cooler. (Freezer thermometers also read the temperature of your freezer's interior, which should be 0 F.)

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