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barbecue thermometer can help make your cooking safer

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Sometimes it is difficult to find out whether the meat is properly cooked on the grill, especially if it is a large joint meat or chicken or turkey and other large birds. Its tender meat will disappoint your grilling guests, and undercooked meat can be a health risk. It’s not uncommon for illnesses to be barbecued, and sometimes the uncooked barbecued food that shuanghe’s dream interpreted requires emergency medical treatment in the hospital. A barbecue meat thermometer is a good solution to these problems. It can be used to measure the internal temperature of large barbecues, steaks and other cooked foods. It is inserted during or after the meat cooking process through a probe. The degree to which the meat has been cooked is indicated by its internal temperature.


Should you always use a barbecue thermometer?

 It is not uncommon if you are grilling fresh steak and cooking it. Many people like them. But when you cook processed meats (such as burgers or English sausages) and large meat joints, chicken, turkey, and duck, they must be cooked until the indoor temperature is high enough to kill harmful bacteria such as Salmonella and E. coli (two barbecues) Meal disease) the most common cause. Many people often barbecue will tell you that you don’t need a barbecue meat thermometer mainly for cooking steaks, sausages, hot dogs and burgers, because there are simple manual techniques to test whether they are cooking, steaks are rare, medium-sized or well done it is good. But if you cook a lot of steaks, burgers, hot dogs and sausages you will find it easier and safer to manage your cooking if you use a meat thermometer.

 How to use a barbecue thermometer

There are many different types of grill meat thermometers, but they contain the same basic components-long probe and gauge. Investigate long enough to insert the thickest part of the meat and the meter connection (directly or through a wire) can be analog or digital. The indicator directly connected to the detector is called an instant meat thermometer. They used to be the most common type used for barbecues, but now thermometers have become very popular. As the name suggests, these probes and remote digital meters are connected by wires to the probe or wireless probes related to the transmitter station. No matter what type of meat thermometer you are using, the tip probe must be inserted into the thick meat part, but it cannot touch any meat bones, because if it will give an overestimated meat temperature. The sensing area of the detector always clearly shows that it can be from ½ inch to 2 inches long. When considering the length of this sensing area, insert the probe into the meat (ie make sure it is the center of the meat). If you are cooking chicken, turkey, and duck, insert the probe into the area near the thigh. For red meat, grilled meat, steak, burger or ribs, insert the probe into the thickest central part (ie, in the case of a steak to push the investigation aspect, for an English sausage insert it at the end).


Many barbecue grill recipes provide information on cooking temperature, but here is a guide to target temperature and different types of meat:

 Beef and lamb: 170-195 degrees Fahrenheit

 Pork: 170-190 degrees Fahrenheit

 Chicken: 170-190 degrees F

 Duck meat: 160 degrees Fahrenheit

 Steak: 140-165 degrees Fahrenheit

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