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Min-Max Thermometer
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Min-Max Thermometer

Thermometer Min Max  range which are in both digital and analogue styles. Max min thermometers are often used by gardeners and are an ideal instrument for use in the greenhouse, in the garden or allotment to monitor minimum temperature levels during the colder months when frost can be a huge problem and also to keep an eye on the maximum temperature during the warmer months. All of the max min thermometers on this page show the current temperature and also the maximum and the minimum temperatures simultaneously until reset is enabled. Dont forget to browse our complete garden thermometer range to help with monitoring garden and greenhouse temperatures

Max/Min Registering Thermometers show maximum and minimum temperatures in °F and °C since last reset, as well as current temperature. The reset button makes it easy to start a new temperature measurement.


Simultaneous display of maximum, minimum and current temperature

Convenient reset button makes it simple to begin a new measurement

Included Items:

Max/Min Thermometer (Spirit-Filled, Mercury-Filled or Mercury-Free)

Protective plastic case for spirit-filled U-shaped capillary instrument

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