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Shuanghe Electron China
Established in 1979, we have more than 30 engineers and technicians focusing on R&D and quality control.


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  • Excellent equipments
    - Plastic Injection molding: 15
    - Silk printing machines: 8
    - Hottransfer machine: 3
    - Laser logo machine: 2
    - Assemble lines: 4
  • Accurate staffing
    Number of workers per line
    - Plastic Injection molding: 21 persons
    - Silk printing machines: 9 persons
    - Production lines: 40 persons
  • Efficient production lines
    - Plastic Injection molding: 75000pcs
    - Silk printing machines: 40000pcs
    - Hottransfer machine: 9000pcs
    - Laser logo machine: 16000pcs
    - Production lines: 120000pcs



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    This Bluetooth cooking thermometer makes grilling perfect steaks effortless

    ECTRONICS has more than 20 years of production and sales experience. In the factory, each process will be strict quality control: production, assembly, inspection and packaging. We focus on the quality of products and perfect after-sales service. R & D, management and service is our priority. Behind

    20 04 2016
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    Working principle and installation matters of bimetal thermometer

    The working principle of the bimetal thermometer is to use two kinds of metals with different temperature expansion coefficients. In order to improve the temperature measurement sensitivity, the metal sheet is usually made into a spiral shape. When the temperature of the multilayer metal sheet chang

    02 09 2020
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    Detailed introduction to the principle of various thermometers

    Thermocouple thermometerWorking principle: Use thermocouple to connect the two ends of two different metal conductors to form a closed circuit. One end is heated and the other end is cooled. Then the two contact points will generate electromotive force due to the difference in temperature. There wil

    28 08 2020

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