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Working advantages of bimetal thermometer

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The bimetal thermometer works on the principle that two different metals expand differently when the temperature changes. The main component of the industrial bimetal thermometer is a multi-layer metal sheet composed of two or more metal sheets laminated together. In order to improve the temperature measurement sensitivity, the metal sheet is usually made into a spiral coil shape.

When the temperature of the multi-layer metal sheet changes, the amount of expansion or contraction of the metal in each layer varies, causing the spiral coil to roll up or loosen. Because one end of the spiral coil is fixed and the other end is connected to a pointer that can rotate freely, the dial is an aluminum oxide printing plate with a clear and beautiful surface. The pointer is internally adjustable. Bimetal thermometers are available in axial, radial, and universal types. On-site temperature display, intuitive, convenient, safe and reliable, with long service life.

When the bimetal feels the temperature change, the pointer can indicate the temperature on a circular scale. The temperature measurement range of this instrument is 200~650℃, and the allowable error is about 1% of the two scales. This thermometer has a similar use as a rod-shaped glass liquid thermometer. It displays the temperature on the spot, is intuitive and convenient; it is safe and reliable, and has a variety of structural forms to meet different requirements.

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