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What are the differences between bimetal thermometers and thermocouples

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Bimetal thermometers are actually very similar to thermocouples. Because of the difference in temperature measurement, bimetal thermometers are more suitable for field detection in medium and low temperatures, measuring liquid vapor and gaseous media in the range of -80℃-+500℃ in various production processes. temperature. The high temperature in the industry is to use thermocouples. The main component of a bimetal thermometer is a multilayer metal sheet composed of two or more metal sheets laminated together, using the principle that two different metals expand at different degrees when the temperature changes. work. It is based on a bimetallic sheet wound into a circular curved shape. When one end is heated and expanded, it drives the pointer to rotate, and the working instrument displays the temperature value corresponding to the thermoelectric potential. The main component of an industrial bimetal thermometer is a multilayer metal sheet composed of two or more metal sheets laminated together.

  Bimetal thermometers are still widely used in China and similar products are also very large. Bimetal thermometers are available in axial, radial, and universal head models. The length of the bimetal thermometer probe can be customized according to customer needs. It is widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, textile, food and other industries. Bimetal thermometer is an on-site detection instrument for measuring low and medium temperature. It can directly measure the temperature of liquid vapor and gaseous medium in the range of -80℃-+500℃ in various production processes. The on-site temperature display is intuitive, convenient, safe and reliable, and has a long service life; the core-pulling thermometer can be maintained or replaced in a short time without stopping the machine. Axial type, radial type, 135o type, universal type and other varieties are complete, suitable for various on-site installation needs.

  The applications of bimetallic thermometers and thermocouples are becoming more and more extensive, and each has its own use environment and its own characteristics.

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