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The use principle of pressure stainless steel bimetal thermometer

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The all-stainless steel bimetal thermometer has good performance and is gradually being widely used. Like other thermometers, it also has its own working principle. Today I want to introduce you to the working principle of the stainless steel bimetallic thermometer. Let's take a look with the editor.

The pressure thermometer uses the liquid, gas or saturated vapor in a closed container to produce volume expansion or pressure change after heating as a measurement signal. Its basic structure is composed of three parts: a temperature bulb, a capillary tube and an indicator. It is used in the production process One of the methods of temperature control. The pressure type temperature measurement system is still a very widely used measurement method in indicating and controlling the temperature on the spot. The advantages of the pressure type thermometer are: simple structure, high mechanical strength, not afraid of vibration. Low price, no External energy is required. The sealing system of the instrument must be replaced, and the installation accuracy is relatively low. It is easy to install. The transmission distance of the capillary tube is limited. The working range of the pressure thermometer should be within the measurement range and the display meter and the temperature bulb should be in a horizontal position as much as possible.

The above content is the use principle of the pressure all-stainless steel bimetal thermometer. What we need to pay attention to is that the temperature bulb mounting bolts used for installation will cause temperature loss and lead to inaccurate temperature. Thermal insulation treatment should be carried out during installation and try to make the temperature bulb work in In an environment without vibration. For more exciting content, please continue to pay attention to our website.

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