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Screw connection of all stainless steel bimetal thermometer

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The all-stainless steel bimetal thermometer uses a hot bimetallic piece wound into a thread as a temperature sensing device, and it is installed in a stainless steel protective sleeve, one end is fixed, called the fixed end, and the other end is connected to a thin shaft , Become the free end. There is a pointer on the free end spool. When the temperature changes, the free end of the temperature sensing device rotates accordingly, driving the pointer on the thin shaft to produce an angle change, indicating the corresponding temperature on the dial.

  The key to the use and measurement of the instrument is to ensure the stability of the installation process. In order to meet the needs of actual production, bimetal thermometers have different installation and fixed forms: movable external threaded pipe joints, movable internal threaded pipe joints, fixed threaded joints, and ferrules Threaded joints, ferrule flange joints and fixed flanges.

  Generally, threaded connection can be selected, and flange connection should be used for the following occasions: installation on equipment, lining pipes and non-ferrous metal pipes; crystallization, scarring, blockage and strong corrosive media; flammable, explosive and highly toxic medium.

  The movable external thread is the interface connection between the bimetallic thermometer and the device to be measured. Connection methods include: fixed thread, movable internal thread, movable external thread, fixed flange connection and so on.

  The installation of bimetal thermometers all require threaded threads, because threads play a role in connection and adjustment. It should be noted that threaded connection is also an effective measure to judge quality. For example, the through gauge can rotate freely at any position of the thread, and the gauge can be screwed for one to two or three turns. (There may be one or two more turns, but the thread head is not The end face of the ring gauge cannot be screwed. At this time, it means that the pitch diameter of the external thread you tested is just within the "tolerance zone" and it is a qualified product.

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