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How to use ear thermometer

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The ear thermometer use a built-in sensor to measure the infrared energy radiated by the eardrum, and then it can accurately determine its surface temperature. Because the eardrum is in the deepest part of the external auditory meatus, it can more accurately reflect the body temperature.

When measuring body temperature, in order to reduce the interference of earwax on the results, first clean the external ear canal, then install the battery and turn on the power, remove the protective sleeve of the ear thermometer probe, and extend the probe into the ear canal. In order to allow the probe to go deeper, you can gently pull your ear backwards and press the temperature measurement key. After the beep, the measurement ends, and the temperature value will appear on the display.

In order to ensure more accurate results, it is recommended to measure the left and right ears multiple times and take the highest result.

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