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Ear Thermometer

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The ear thermometer uses a built-in sensor to measure the infrared energy radiated by the eardrum, and then it can accurately determine its surface temperature. Because the eardrum is in the deepest part of the external auditory meatus, it can more accurately reflect the body temperature.When measur



Ear thermometer international standard

Main standards⒈Chinese national standard: GB T 21417.1-2008 medical infrared thermometer⒉ EU standard: EN 12470-5-2003⒊ American Standard: ASTM E 1965-1998 R2003



Principle of Ear Thermometer

Principle of Ear Thermometer



Working process of ear thermometer infrared thermometer

ear thermometer is composed of optical system, photoelectric detector, signal amplifier, signal processing, display output and other parts. The optical system collects the target infrared radiation energy in its field of view, and the size of the field of view is determined by the optical parts and



The principle of ear thermometer

The radiant energy of the human eardrum mainly comes from the 6~15μm area.Ear thermometers usually use a thermopile sensor, which contains the above-mentioned optical system, photodetector-thermopile, thermistor.The thermopile sensor detects the far-infrared radiation intensity of the human eardrum



What is ear thermometer

The ear thermometer is a non-contact telemetry (although it may be less than one centimeter) temperature measurement instrument. It uses the infrared spectrum emitted by the eardrum (equivalent to the hypothalamus) to determine the body temperature. According to the black body radiation theory, it i

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